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Websites & Videos

Bill Hubert, creator of Bal-A-Vis-X


Dr. Bruce Perry and The Neurosequential Network


Dr. Bruce Perry:


Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris/ACES, and her TED Talk:


Brain and Sensory Foundations, Sonia Story, 

Recommended Reading

Resonance: Elise and other BAVX Stories, 2nd Edition, 2016, by Bill Hubert


Cues for Learning and Teaching in Flow, by Bill Hubert  


The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, Revised and Updated Edition, by Dr. Bruce Perry and Maia Szalavitz 


Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head, 2nd Edition, by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. 


The Body Keeps The Score, by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.


Spark: How exercise will improve the performance of your brain, by Dr. John J. Ratey and Eric Hagerman 


The Deepest Well, by Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris


Balance: In Search of the Lost Sense, by Scott McCredie


The Autistic Brain, by Temple Grandin, Ph.D. and Richard Panek


The Way I See It, Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition, by Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

Born On A Blue Day, by Daniel Tammet

A Deeper Dive

For more in-depth information about the history of Bal-A-Vis-X and its benefit, please click below to download our Deeper Dive PDF.


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